Marshall County Sheriff Phil Sims has run into a variety of maintenance issues with the current county jail. 

On Wednesday, he asked the Marshall County Commission for $30,000 for the building and maintenance budget to cover unexpected projects during a commission meeting. 

County Administrator Shelley Fleisher said the budget line began with $30,000, and an additional $30,000 was added in January. The account currently has about $1,000 not encumbered by a purchase order, she said. 

“It is what it is,” Sims said. “It’s hard to say how much we will need to make it through the end of the fiscal year. We can’t predict what will or won’t break.”

Plumbing issues have eaten up a large portion of the budget item, he said. The initial $30,000 was used to purchase a stockpile of commonly used maintenance items and equipment. Much of that stock has been used, he said.

“We’ve got a great maintenance crew. They’ve done a jam up job to save us money on labor,” Sims said. 

In other jail-related business Wednesday, commissioners also:

• Approved replacing an HVAC unit in the nurse and doctor’s area of the jail for $7,371. The area is staffed 24/7 with a nurse and a portion of the area had not been served by an HVAC unit in the past. 

• Approved flow testing of the city fire hydrants just outside the jail building at a cost of $1,700. The tests will give architects an idea of water pressure and capacity as they design a new sprinkler system for the jail.

• Approved the purchase of two trucks off the state bid list for the Sheriff’s Office. The cost will be $74,883.20. Two older trucks will be sold once the new ones arrive. Sims said he hopes to continue replacing vehicles every two years in an effort to contain maintenance costs. The trucks will be paid for with Equipment Replacement Fund money.

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