The Alabama Senate voted 25-6 to pass a heavily debated abortion bill late Tuesday evening.

House Bill 314, sponsored by Rep. Terri Collins, R-Decatur, recognizes that a baby in the womb is a person and outlaws surgical abortions as soon as a pregnancy can be medically determined. There is an exception for abortion if a doctor determines that the pregnancy poses a serious health risk to the mother. There is no stipulation for rape or incest.

The bill was approved 74-3 by the Alabama House of Representatives exactly two weeks ago and now moves to Gov. Kay Ivey’s desk to await her signature.

“As soon as the bill passes, I’m sure it will be challenged in court and maybe get all the way to the Supreme Court,” Rep. Kerry Rich, R–Albertville, recently told The Reporter. “It will be a vehicle to challenge Roe v. Wade.”

Roe v. Wade was a historic court case from 1973 where a decision was made by the U.S. Supreme Court on the issue of criminalizing, or restricting, access to abortions. The court ruled, “Unduly restrictive state regulation of abortion is unconstitutional.”

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