It started as the arrest of a man at Walmart on an allegation of misdemeanor shoplifting.

 It ended a day later with that man, his brother and his father all being arrested by Guntersville police on various felony charges.

 Guntersville investigator Doug Ware explained:

 “Guntersville Police were called to Walmart on a shoplifting report. They took Landon Bolding into custody. As the handcuffed Landon was being put in a patrol car, he broke free of the officer’s grip and fled on foot. He ran into the woods behind Walmart.”

 “He got away — other officers were a little too far away to quickly get a perimeter set up,” Police Chief Jim Peterson said. 

But the pursuit was really just getting started. Officers and investigators began developing information on where Landon might be.

 “He was going to be charged with escape for getting away from our officer like that,” Ware said.

 While looking for him the following evening, information led officers to a home on Pleasant Grove Road at Rainbow Circle. This time, Ware said, Landon’s brother, Jordan Bolding, fled from the house and another foot pursuit ensued. It led all the way to U.S. Highway 431 and Windsor Drive, which is significant distance from Rainbow Circle.

 Jordan was taken into custody, Ware said, and charged with possession of a controlled substance.

 “After arresting him, we went to another location on Jarmon Street in an effort to find Landon and we encountered the father, Charles Casey Bolding,” Ware said. “He was taken into custody on felony warrants. We also located Landon at that residence.”

 Landon reportedly had marks on his wrists where the handcuffs from the previous day had been cut off of him. The cuffs were not recovered.

 Marshall County sheriff’s deputies assisted the city in the foot pursuit of Jordan, Investigator Ware said.

 After being booked at the city, all three Boldings were taken to the county jail.

 Charles is being held on four counts of failure to appear in court and is being held with no bond.

 Jordan is being held on multiple charges with bonds totaling $95,500.

 Landon is being held on the escape and a fourth-degree theft charge with a bond of $15,000.

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