The official Free Voter Photo ID Mobile Unit is coming to Marshall County on Sunday, according to Susan McKenney, chair of the Marshall County Democratic Executive Committee and president of the Marshall County Democratic Club.

McKenney said if registered to vote but without an Alabama Photo ID, which is required to vote on election day, such as a driver’s license, stop by Capilla de la Santa Cruz, located at 1534 Whitesville Road in Albertville, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. She said the ID is free and sponsored by the Alabama Secretary of State.

Volunteers from the Marshall County Democratic Party will also be on hand to register new voters. New voters cannot apply for a free Photo ID until their registration has been processed by the Registrar’s Office, according to McKenney.

To qualify for a free voter photo ID:

• Must be a registered voter in Alabama at current address [one can apply to register to vote at the photo ID mobile unit.]

• Must not already possess a valid photo identification acceptable for voting [listed below]

• Must provide identification. Take some of these to the photo ID mobile unit to show your full legal name and date of birth:

• Non-valid photo ID (such as an expired license, student or employee id, etc.)

• Birth certificate

• Marriage record

• Medicare or Medicaid document

• Military record

• Official school record or transcript

• Social security administration document

• State or federal census record

• Hospital or nursing home record

• Certificate of citizenship

McKenney said bring one of these on election day, and it must have your photo, must be current and not expired. She said the acceptable photo id for voting on election day includes:

• Valid Alabama photo voter ID (obtained from mobile unit or other)

• Valid driver’s license

• Valid non-driver photo ID (obtained through driver license office)

• Valid state issued photo ID (Alabama or any other state)

• Valid federal issued photo ID

• Valid US passport

• Valid employee photo ID from federal government, State of Alabama, county government, municipality, board, authority or other entity of this state

• Valid student or employee photo id from a college or university in the state of Alabama (including postgraduate technical or professional schools)

• Valid military photo ID

She said to note that expired photo IDs from the list may be used to get a new Alabama Photo Voter ID, at the Photo ID Mobile Unit or another location, but not to show to vote on election day.

For more information, contact McKenney at 256-558-1927.

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