On Wednesday, Sept. 22, the Marshall County Commission met in regular session and made the following decisions:

• Approved the budget for the 2022 fiscal year, which includes a 4% merit raise for county employees. Related to that, the commission:

• Approved increasing the Sheriff’s Budget by $65,000; $47,200 for payroll, $15,000 for fuel and $2,800 for cellular service to be paid from the General Fund. District 2 Commissioner Rick Watson voted against. 

• Approved increasing the jail budget by $203,000; $178,000 for medical and dental for county inmates, $7,500 for natural gas and $14,000 for water to be paid from the General Fund.

• Approved increasing the coroner’s budget by $1,500 for transportation and freight to be paid from the General Fund.

• Approved contracting with Piper Sandler & Co. for a $5 million bond issue at roughly 1% interest to cover the costs of the $8 million renovation to the Marshall County Jail. 

• Approved a preliminary plat for The Cove Phase III Subdivision.

• Approved a preliminary plat for Sunset Cove Subdivision.

• Approved a payment request to Ink Technologies for $128.

• Approved changing a polling location in Boaz from the old recreation center located at 1314 North King Street to the new recreation center at 400 Elizabeth Street.

• Donated the Asbury Softball Field to the Marshall County School Board.

• Approved entering into agreement with Delta’s Motor Vehicle Limited PaperLink Scanning Solution for 2022 fiscal year; $2,190 net price with an additional $40 monthly support and maintenance fee

• For the Council on Aging:

• Approved a contract with State Health Insurance Program; $5,000 no match

• Approved a contract with Top of Alabama Regional Council of Government for $35,000; a SenioRX contract for $20,848; and an Aging Contract for $129,530.

• Approved a long- term detention contract with Alabama Department of Youth Services for fiscal year 2022.

• Approved animal control job descriptions; Animal Control Supervisor and Animal Shelter Technician

• Approved the sale, trade or scrap of  various fixed assets.

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