Officials with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office say they do not believe a Facebook video posted by a man supporting the Confederate flag and monument in Albertville poses any threat.

Howie Thrasher, a vocal and longtime supporter of keeping the Confederate flag and monument at the Albertville Courthouse, posted a seven-minute video on Facebook Saturday evening—which has since been removed—where he tells Reclaiming Our Time organizers to remove a billboard installed at the intersection of U.S. 431 and Edmondson Road.

“BLM take the sign down by the Mapco. If you don’t you are going to start something you can’t finish,” Thrasher said in the video.

The billboard, which has been in place less than a week, asks for the Confederate monument and flag to be removed from the Albertville Courthouse. ‘White Supremacy deserves no honor,” the billboard states.

Unique Dunston, organizer of Reclaiming Our Time, reported the video she characterized as “extremely alarming” to the Sheriff’s Office and Albertville City Police.

Marshall County Sheriff’s Office Assistant Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie said he had seen Thrasher’s video.

“I didn’t think it sounded like much,” Guthrie said.

Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith said he had been made aware of Thrasher’s video as well and had watched a portion of the video.

“Some of it I think you could split hairs if it was threatening or not,” Smith said.

Efforts to contact Thrasher by The Reporter were unsuccessful.

Guthrie said Dunston did the right thing by calling law enforcement.

“She has the right to contact us concerning the video,” Guthrie said. “We won’t hold anything against anyone. If someone feels threatened, we will look into it.”

Wednesday’s protest

Guthrie said Sheriff’s Office officials had been told by Sons of Confederate Veterans group leaders that Thrasher was no longer welcome to be part of their protests at the Albertville Courthouse.

Robbie Mayes holds a protest permit for the Albertville Courthouse on Wednesday according to the Marshall County Commissioner’s office.

Guthrie and Smith said law enforcement will have a presence at the courthouse as usual during the protest.

“We’re going to keep doing the same thing with every one that protests,” Guthrie said. “We will be there and advise them to keep things peaceful. We will tell them all to get along.”

Smith agreed.

“We’ll be watching for any trouble,” he said.

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