If you are heading to college this fall, take a look at the cost of tuition at Northeast Alabama Community College (NACC) and compare it to four-year colleges and universities you may be considering. Tuition is much less at Northeast.

“We can give students the same two-year education start as the four major universities in our state are giving at 15%-22% of their costs,” Brad Dudley, director of institutional planning and assessment at NACC, said. “Considering the most recent financial information released, let’s take a look at the average high school student who wants to be a teacher as one example: Auburn University would be more than $70,000 for two years (four semesters); the University of Alabama would be $61,772 (four semesters); and the University of South Alabama and the University of North Alabama could be in excess of $50,000 (four semesters). These estimates include room, board and meal plans for living on campus in addition to tuition, books, fees and personal expenses. NACC is $9,600-$10,240 (four semesters or 60-64 hours). With the fractional costs for attending, and the personal attention we can offer here, it just makes sense to consider Northeast Alabama Community College in starting your educational process.”

According to a report by U.S. News and World Report, tuition at public universities has risen almost 250%.

Through its articulation programs with Alabama’s public four-year colleges, Northeast offers an education gateway to most any career. Under this agreement, four-year colleges in the state are required by state legislations to accept designated courses taken at a two-year college within a major. This agreement assures a smooth transition in transferring to a public four-year college in order to complete a degree. Students at Northeast have been able to use the college’s core curriculum to pursue most any kind of career that is available. The STARS (Statewide Articulation Reporting System) program guide has a list of all possible career majors that can be started at Northeast and includes everything from advertising to wildlife sciences. This may be accessed online at stars.troy.edu/.

Bryon Miller is the transfer advisor, and he is familiar with programs at state universities and colleges. He is able to provide our transfer students with great guidance during their transition. Contact Miller to discuss plans at 256-638-4418 or 256-228-6001, ext. 2360, email at millerb@nacc.edu or go by his office in the George C. Wallace Administration Building, Office 112.

Registration for the fall semester at Northeast is going on now. Classes begin Aug. 22.

Students interested in student financial aid can complete a free application online at fafsa.gov.

Scholarships and student loans may be available to those who qualify and meet requirements.

For more information, visit nacc.edu.

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