Becoming the company’s “Team of the Year” was the dream that kept the Restore Therapy Services team at Crossville Health and Rehabilitation driven to be the best. After a year of hard work, the dream became a reality.

Rehab Director Gala Ellis, LPTA, said the “Team of the Year” is selected based on consistent quality achievement in clinical programs, practice management, customer satisfaction, commitment to profession and community involvement. She said the therapy team was selected as the top team out of more than 100 teams in four states.

“This award validates the passion and dedication that this team has to make sure that our residents and patients reach their maximum goals,” Ellis said. “Because that improves their quality of life. It is a big award for this team. It means that not only did we hit the management aspects that are required to be successful, but we made a difference in our patients lives.”

The Crossville therapy team was first chosen as “Team of the Region,” which is required before a team can be considered for the honor of “Team of the Year,” Ellis said. She said this is the team’s second time being nominated for the honor, but last time they received top team in Alabama.

“We’ve worked together for a long time, and it allows consistency of care,” Ellis said. “We have over a hundred years of experience combined. With our team, it’s more of a family atmosphere, so our patients want to be a part of therapy.”

According to Ellis, the team also brought home the company’s honor: the “TOPS” award for excellence in teamwork, opportunity focus, positivity and solution-based thinking. She said the team has also won honors for excellence in customer service, excellence in program development, excellence in practice management and excellence in documentation.

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