At its latest meeting, the Albertville City Council voted to oppose possible legislation that would remove the city’s power over rights-of-way.

Alabama Senate Bill 264, drafted by Sen. Arthur Orr, R-Decatur, would allow the installation of utility poles and wireless facilities within as a “matter of right,” and take away a city’s authority in managing its rights-of-way. It also takes away the city’s ability to charge a certain dollar amount per pole, per year and exempts utility companies’ collection requirement.

Though Albertville does not charge a dollar amount per pole, the council elected to oppose the bill because losing such authority is not good for the city.

“It’s [power] that the city really doesn’t need to give up,” Albertville Mayor Tracy Honea said.

The council also voted to oppose Senate Bill 244 and House Bill 346, which limits the city’s right to oppose disposable containers. But since the voted passed, City Clerk Phyllis Webb said the bill had been rewritten and was now mainly about plastic bags and limiting cities from banning them. Therefore, she said the resolution of opposition would not be sent to the legislature.

In other business, the council appointed Barge Design Solutions as engineering consultants at the Albertville Regional Airport for five years, as recommended by the city’s Airport Board.

Honea said Barge Design Solutions had worked with the airport in the past. He said the contract wasn’t agreed upon for any specific project happening at this time, but rather it was simply for the company’s great consultation work for the future.

“Anytime we have projects and grant monies available through FAA and the state, these guys – for the last several years – have done our design work and prep to get ready for whatever is going on currently or in the future,” Honea said.

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