A cup of coffee can go a long way when it comes to starting a person’s day. The boost of caffeine and a personalized mug is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face in the morning.

A Sand Mountain store decided to use personalized coffee mugs as a way to raise money for the Cancer Center in Guntersville, which will go a long way in putting smiles on faces. The Trading Post owner Steve Denney and employee Hannah Haston presented the Cancer Center with a check for $1,300 all of which was raised by selling coffee mugs.

Denney said the money was raised throughout October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He said the idea to sell mugs came to him out of nowhere.

“The past several years we would hang up pink lights in our stores to commemorate breast cancer awareness month, but I wanted to do a little more,” he said. “I got the idea to get pink mugs with our logo and the breast cancer logo put on them. My wife has a pink mug and the idea kind of hit me. Then we sold them for a minimum of $10 but a lot of people gave more. We were really excited about how much money we were able to raise.”

Andrea Oliver is the Director of the Foundation for Marshall Medical Centers. She said these kinds of donations are very appreciated and can be used to serve several different purposes.

“We usually use donations like this one to help fund our mammogram assistance program,” she said. “That program helps women who can’t afford a mammogram get one at no cost. In a typical year we’ll have about 400 women get a mammogram through that program. Of course, this year it’s been less, but mammograms are so important. We’re always thankful when we have donations come in to help.”

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