WQSB Radio Station in Albertville has held Possum Day, which coincides with Groundhog Day, each year since 1993, but a recent run-in with game wardens has led to a change.

WQSB’s Possum, Sand Mountain Sam, has long made his annual prediction for an early spring or six more weeks of winter and has an amazing record of 25 correct predictions and one incorrect prediction, which came in 1993. But because having a “wild animal” as a pet is against the law, WQSB has made alternative plans for this year’s Possum Day Celebration.

“WQSB’s official possum handler — a local pet groomer — was informed by game wardens who visited her business that having a possum — which is considered a wild animal — as a pet is against the law in the State of Alabama,” a representative with WQSB stated. “They warned WQSB that any future Possum Days using a live possum would result in the arrest of those involved.

“Because of this ... WQSB will still hold a Possum Day Celebration — but, not at WQSB Studios.”

WQSB stated that people are welcome to visit WQSB Studios on Friday, Jan. 31, at 7:45 a.m. for Sand Mountain Sam’s official announcement.

“Please know, WQSB regrets that Sand Mountain Sam will not be at WQSB Studios for the announcement,” the statement said. “He will be at a remote location to make the official announcement live on the air.”

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