Pining to pave | Albertville, Boaz officials give an update on respective paving projects, plans

A construction crew paves a section of McKinney Avenue in Albertville. Both Albertville and Boaz expect to see its paving projects up and running at full force in the coming weeks.

Several paving projects are finally getting under way across Sand Mountain.

In Boaz, Mayor David Dyar said some streets have finally gotten the attention they’ve needed, but lately there’s been a hold up with the contractors.

“We’ve got the money to do a good bit of paving, but we’re just waiting on the paving contractors now,” Dyar said.

Though it seems the city’s needs have played victim of being pushed to the back burner, Dyar said the city was able to get streets paved in a neighborhood off Willow Road last week. The job isn’t completely finished at the subdivision, but residents of All Weather Street, Vista Avenue, Cobra Street, Lu-Mae Avenue, Carroll Street and Hopper Street should notice better road conditions soon.

Boaz Street Superintendent Kenny Smith said the contractors should be finishing the project in the coming days and moving on to other locations across the city.

“It’s not a tremendous amount of miles, but it’s an entire neighborhood,” Smith said.

Albertville is expected to start paving more roads any day now, according to Mayor Tracy Honea. But like Boaz, the city is having to wait its turn.

“We’re looking to start paving a lot of roads in the coming days,” Honea said. “We’re just waiting on Whitaker Contracting and the mill machine to arrive before we can begin the paving process.”

Honea also said there are no scheduled streets to be paved first and there are no roads that have a certain level of priority.

“We don’t have a system of what streets or roads we’ll begin work on first,” he said. “But we’re excited to get started, and we know the city will be proud when all work is finished.”

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JR Poe

If Edmondson St is an example of the paving, then we are not getting our money's worth.

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