Teens for their Future hosted its leadership luncheon on Thursday, May 2.

The luncheon was host to high school students from all over DeKalb County. All of the students were chosen to be in the program by teachers from their respective schools. They are students that are role models and have what it takes to represent the school in the best way possible.

The program teaches preteens the best possible choices for their future. It is an abstinence education program for sixth and seventh graders sponsored by Auburn University and the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.

This year’s luncheon had a guest speaker Paul Long. Long has been a public speaking figure for the past 20 years and both of his sons went through the Teens For Their Future program.

“My kids loved the experience,” Long said. “This program is definitely needed.”

Long spoke to students about how “their choices can change their world.” He gave them insight on his life and what he learned through his many years of public speaking, being a father, living life and making mistakes.

“Adults have to make the same choices,” Long said. “We have to welcome positive influence, and we all need a little guidance.”

The program has shown great success under the guidance of Andrea Christenberry, the director of the program. Parents of the leaders and the middle school students have all been receptive to it and have backed the program immensely.

Even Long praises Christenberry on her hard work with the students.

“Andrea has done an outstanding job,” Long said. “Under her leadership, this program has been great.”

Long gave one last impression on the teens before taking his leave.

“The choices we make today are the building blocks on the foundation of tomorrow,” he said. “Choose wisely.”

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