At the latest Boaz City Council meeting, the council voted to enter negotiations with First Bank of Boaz for a one-time, short-term financing up to $675,050 to purchase new equipment for the street department.

The purchase would tackle a big issue for the City of Boaz, according to Boaz Mayor David Dyar. After spending months and months without the adequate amount and quality tools necessary to keep the city’s streets clean, Dyar said within the next few months those issues should finally be resolved.

“Our street department employees do a wonderful job,” Dyar said. “They just don’t have the tools to do their job … Our street sweeper has not been operated in about 14 weeks. It’s used more oil than the piece of equipment is worth. Things like that is why we’re making this purchase. We want to get back to serving our citizens and giving them what they deserve so this just expedites that process. Because it’ll be paid for in two years.”

The purchase includes two grapple hook trucks for debris removal, one leaf vacuum truck, one street sweeper and two vehicles for the Boaz police chief and assistant chief. Their current vehicles will replace two older models used by the street department. The council voted to approve that the equipment be bought through the National Joint Powers Alliance.

Dyar said the equipment would be paid for thanks to the latest 1-cent sales tax increase that goes into effect on July 1.

Due to Memorial Day, Dyar announced that the next Boaz City Council meeting is scheduled for May 22 at 6 p.m. in the Boaz City Courtroom.

In other business:

• The council adopted a resolution to declare the structure at 111 Pike Ave. a public nuisance. Dyar said the building was immediately demolished and the property was cleaned. He said the property has been an eyesore for the neighborhood and an ongoing problem for many years, but is now glad to see it put to rest.

• The council adopted a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute a contract to enter into a services contract with Jeff Battles DBA Battles Tree Services.

• The council adopted a resolution authorizing the mayor to enter into a lease agreement with Deborah B. Swan and Darcy L. Swan.

• The council voted to suspend the rules and adopt a resolution to amend ordinance no. 2002-766 and levying a license tax on the sale, storage or delivery of tobacco products with the city limits of the City of Boaz. Dyar said this is not a new tax, but rather this amendment “cleans up the ordinance to remove the police jurisdiction.”

• Cason Cooper, of Boaz, spoke under public comment in concern of his neighborhood on East Henderson Road. He said there has been a lot of speeding and several automobile accidents since the road was paved and urged the city to do something about it.

• The council employed Brayden Lacey as a temporary street department laborer.

• The council employed nine temporary parks and recreation workers.

• The council employed Alex Dilbeck as a full-time parks and recreation worker.

• The council approved accounts payable vouchers dated April 27 through May 11 totaling $198,532.88.

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