Boaz Mayor David Dyar was given authority to purchase the building directly across from city hall during the latest Boaz City Council work session.

According to Dyar, the building located at 115 North Main St. would serve multiple purposes.

“It’s currently being leased to an individual, but it’s been for sale for several months,” Dyar said. “We needed a place for storage, and the fact that that property goes all the way back to Main Street, we’re looking at doing something with that property — clean it up.”

Nick Borden, the city’s building inspector said the property was approximately 6,840 square-feet. Within that space, Dyar said the city could ignite the revitalization of downtown.

“If we want downtown to come back, I think the city’s got to have some skin in the game, and so we thought that would be a good start. We could maybe landscape that that butts against Main Street, get some picnic tables out there … We’ve got to be that spark. Unfortunately, government has to be that spark to generate. I think we’ve got a good start with the park and the rec center that hopefully people will start investing in this area and make a really beautiful place.”

Dyar said the property’s cost had not been finalized as of Monday, but Friday he told The Reporter the cost would be $52,000.

The council also discussed the potential adoption of Hand Arendall Harrison Sale’s “Dangerous Buildings & Unsafe Structures Program” during the work session.

According to documents provided by the city, if adopted as an ordinance, it would “employ … all tools provided by law to municipalities for the fixing of costs, creation of liens, making of assessments and collection of costs associated with repairing, moving or demolishing buildings and structures, or parts of buildings and structures, party walls and foundations when found to be unsafe to the extent of being a public nuisance from any cause.”

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