The Marshall County Sheriff’s Office unveiled a new app last Monday allowing the public access to the department’s most requested information in the palm of the hand. 

Assistant Chief Deputy Steve Guthrie said the new app allows users to get notifications, submit tips and more.

“Users can do absolutely everything they need to in relation to the Sheriff’s Office right from their phone,” Guthrie said. “They can apply for a pistol permit, get the inmate roster, put money on an inmate’s account, and more.”

Once downloaded, the app will allow the Sheriff’s Office to send push notifications regarding road conditions or emergency information, Guthrie said. 

“It is going to be really handy,” he said. 

The app also features an anonymous tip line, the ability to submit compliments or complaints about a deputy, a link to the Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page, information about bail/bond, and information on the Yellow Dot and Project Lifesaver programs.

“In this day and age, everybody has a smartphone. Everybody’s got one in their hands or they’re doing business from their phones. So I know this will be a good way to connect with the community, to stay connected, and keep the community updated,” said Sheriff Phil Sims.

“I have learned that the more transparent and the more you communicate with the people that you represent or that you serve, it works both ways. It builds trust within the community, it builds working relationships with the community and so forth.” 

The new app was paid for by the Sheriff’s Office and has been in development for “quite a while,” Guthrie said. 

“We had hoped to get it going at the first of the year, but COVID-19 kind of slowed things down. But it is up and running now, and we know several people have already downloaded it.

“This app just puts everything the public needs right at their fingertips.”

The app is free for smartphone users.

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