The Marshall County Christian Services food pantry needs some helping hands – and strong backs – to continue their mission of feeding the hungry. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the food pantry in many ways. High unemployment coupled with children home from school last spring and this summer have created the biggest demand on the pantry in the 20 years. 

The pandemic has also forced the Marshall County Community Corrections work release program to quarantine workers, keeping them from working at the pantry unloading cartons of food.

“We need help to pick up loads of food and unload them at the pantry,” said MCCS Executive Director Linda Henry. 

“We could really use some manpower. We get food donations Monday through Thursday at Walmart. We have a few older ladies that volunteer, but we don’t have anyone younger and stronger to help with the large, heavy boxes.”

Henry said food boxes are given out Wednesdays and Fridays at the pantry, located at Cahill Baptist Church, 217 S. Cahill Road, in Albertville. A typical day sees 40 to 50 people seeking assistance.

Boxes often contain a variety of canned goods, cereal, crackers, juice and fresh produce.

“We can pack the boxes for clients on our own,” Henry said. “Some can tote their own boxes to the car, some can’t.”

Food is normally picked up around 1 p.m. from donors. Henry asks anyone interested in giving a hand should call her at 256-878-3533 and leave a message. All messages are checked daily. 

“We have depended on work release workers in the past because a lot of our volunteers are older,” Henry said. 

“At our Arab site, we have three young ladies from the career center that help out. Our tax dollars pay them. They can do a lot of the lifting. But we don’t have that at our Albertville location.”

Henry said MCCS also receives requests for assistance with rent, utility bills and medication. Monetary donations are always needed and welcomed.

“This is all about the community helping the community,” she said.

If you would like to donate or need assistance or food, here is a link to their website:

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