The Guntersville City School Board met in a special called session Monday morning to approve a $24,500 geotechnical study of the Guntersville High School site where a proposed new high school will be built.

 “This will involve boring tests to make sure the site is suitable for building,” interim Supt. Dr. Ric Ayer said. “It is necessary to complete the plans for the new school.”

 A special election on a new 7.5 mill property tax to construct the new school is scheduled for May 11. Absentee voting is going on now. The new tax will add about $75 in tax per $100,000 in value for residents with a homestead exemption. The rate is higher, roughly double that, for businesses and houses without a homestead.

 Morell Engineering got the contract for the geotechnical study. Board member Whitney Mastin made a motion to approve it. Board member Laura Kappler-Roberts seconded. It passed unanimously with Board member Jim Beard absent.

 20 applicants

 School Board president Trey Giles reported that the Board had received 20 applicants for its vacant superintendent’s position. The job posting closed last Friday.

 “Now the work starts,” Giles said, as the Board must whittle the list of 20 down to the 3 to 5 they would like to interview.

 Thompson visit

 Board member Whitney Mastin asked Dr. Ayer if the Board was still considering a trip to Thompson High School to look at various finishes that it might want to incorporate into the new Guntersville High School.

 Dr. Ayer said they are trying to set that up and he said he would reach out again to the Thompson superintendent to see when a good time might be to take that visit.

 New program?

 Dr. Ayer said he and some others would be making visits this week to Kappler and Dixie Grinders.

 The Board is considering adding a manufacturing program at Guntersville High as part of the career prep program to get students ready for possible work in manufacturing.

 There would be a real-life component to that in partnership with existing local industry.

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