Revenue Commissioner Michael Johnson is asking taxpayers to mail in their property tax payments this year instead of paying them in person if at all possible.

Tax notices will begin going out early next week, Johnson said. Property taxes are due Oct. 1 and become delinquent after Dec. 31. Mobile home registrations are also due beginning Oct. 1. They become delinquent after Nov. 30.

The coronavirus pandemic is the reason Johnson is stressing mail-in payments if at all possible this year.

“We are really strongly encouraging people to pay by mail,” he said. “You can pay online but there are additional fees. Those are processor fees. None of that is received by us.”

With the pandemic, he just feels it’s a good idea to restrict movement into and out of the Courthouse as much as possible. He said it protects employees, including the security guards, as well as the general public.

During the tax collection season, the Revenue Commissioner’s office will be closing for about 15 minutes at mid-day each day for sanitizing the office, spraying everything and wiping it down, as a precaution against coronavirus.

“We will have the employees leave during that time and we will lock the door,” Johnson said. He said if someone is there paying when that time comes, they won’t run them out but will do the procedures as quick as the taxpayer is finished.

“We just want to try to limit exposure,” Johnson said.

The Revenue Commissioner’s office will be collecting about $40 million in taxes this year.

Business personal property renditions are also due by the end of the year. Anyone needing assistance on a tax matter can contact the tax office at 256-571-7743.


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