Dr. Aaron Johnson is believed to have made history in his ministry in Guntersville since he may be the only man to have ever served as a minister at Guntersville churches of three different denominations.

He has served at Guntersville First Baptist, Guntersville First United Methodist and, since Feb. 1, has served as the pastor at Guntersville First Presbyterian.

“God keeps bringing me back to Guntersville,” Dr. Johnson said.

He retired from First Baptist Boaz in December and started at First Presbyterian on Feb. 1. It has been a joy, he said.

“The people here have been so good to me,” he said. “They are sweet, sweet people.”

He is not simply the “pastor” of the church. His title is “stated supply pastor.” That means he is a pastor of a different denomination.

Currently, Dr. Johnson is leading two different preaching services each Sunday, a casual, Bible-study type service at 9:30 in the fellowship hall and a traditional service in the church sanctuary at 10:30. 

First Presbyterian is an historic Guntersville church. The present building was built in 1910. It’s a beautiful building with stained glass windows.

The new pastorate is not the only new thing in Dr. Johnson’s life. For a year or so, he has been leading a discipleship group of businessmen, CEOs of various organizations in Marshall County. It’s something he has wanted to do for a long time and he hopes to grow that ministry as well.

The idea is to apply Biblical, Christian principles to the business world.

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