Serving the city of Albertville as mayor has been a great honor for me. It is a calling and a role that I take very seriously and also enjoy at the same time. I would like to formally announce that I will be seeking reelection for an additional term.

The progress and growth we have experienced over the last 8 years has laid a solid foundation for the future of Albertville. With the completion of the new Sand Mountain Park and Amphitheater just around the corner, I am confident that the resulting financial impact will be a game-changer for the economic future of our city. This will play a huge part in helping us provide better pay for our first responders and city employees, as well as the needed economic boost it will bring to our local businesses, restaurants, hotels, etc. The park itself will provide our community with a means to a healthier and more active lifestyle and make a positive difference in the lives of our youth.

Change doesn’t come quickly- there are many pieces to the puzzle and many small steps to take but I feel our administration has effectively worked together with a common goal of helping improve the quality of life for the families in our city and for generations to come.

My goals for the next term include continuing to focus on recruiting/expanding businesses and industry, continuing to clean up our city and working to make Albertville flourish and be a city that the citizens can be proud to call home. As a life-long resident of Albertville, I feel that my love for our city and my commitment to helping make it a better and more prosperous city has been proven in the leadership I have shown over the last two terms. I would be honored to continue to serve the City of Albertville as mayor for another term and be committed to working with the citizens, employees, and administration to move our city forward. I am very excited to see what the future holds for our city. I am expecting big things!

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