When the Albertville football team scored its 61st point of the first half against Columbia in its Aug. 30 season opener, I turned to a couple of former Aggies on the sideline and asked them if they could remember this happening before.

AHS trainer Tim Duckett and team chiropractor Dr. Jon Alan Smith both played under legendary Albertville head coach Vernon Wells. Tim returned to his alma mater as a trainer in 1988, the same year I started covering football for The Reporter.

Neither Tim nor Jon Alan could remember playing for or watching an Aggie team that scored 60 or more points in a game. The final score was 61-0.

When I returned to the office after the game, I emailed David Parker, who is the administrator of the Alabama High School Football Historical Society’s website, and asked him when the Aggies last scored 60 points.

David replied with the list of games when Albertville had scored 60 or more points since fielding its first team in 1907. It surprised me to learn the 61-point outburst against Columbia was the Aggies’ first such performance in 90 years.

According to the AHSFHS, the highest-scoring games in AHS history are:

Oct. 2, 1920 — Aggies 98, Madison County 0

1912 — Aggies 85, J.B. Pennington 0

Sept. 20, 1929 — Aggies 67, Walnut Grove 0

Nov. 21, 1919 — Aggies 67, Jacksonville State 0

Oct. 16, 1920 — Aggies 66, St. Bernard 0

Aug. 30, 2019 — Aggies 61, Columbia 0

1910 — Aggies 60, Etowah 0

A 2007 book about the first century of Albertville football featured a photo of the 1920 Aggies, who posted a 7-0-1 record by outscoring their opponents 300-14.

J.C. Goodwin was head coach. Players were captain Hugh Gaines, Red Boozer, Otis Kirby, L.D. Martin, Herman Chitwood, Dan Hood, George Saxon, Tom Curry, Lester Thomas, Amos Gipson, Roy Thomas, Sweetie Aldridge, Grady Moultrie and Frank Lasseter.

Lowell Moultrie of Albertville provided the 1920 team photo for the book. The back of the photo featured a handwritten note from Hugh Gaines:

“The team that played eight games winning seven and tying one. Scoring a total of 300 points to their opponents 14. A bunch of real men, true blue every one of them. A team who knew not the word quit or fail. Fighters! No Matter how great the odds. The finest bunch I’ve ever been associated with. Not an individual player among you. Each man playing for and giving his very best for the interest of the team. Boys, I love you every one. You’re bound to succeed in life for you’re made of the right stuff. Boys, I’m for you first, last and always. If you tackle the problems which confront you in life as you tackle your football opponents. The world will surely hear more of you. My hat is off to you.”

Mr. Gaines’ words were written almost 100 years ago, but they still ring true today.

I doubt any Aggie team will ever score 98 points in a game again. The state record is 125 by two teams. Hamilton trounced Fayette County 125-0 in 1915, and Langdale trampled Milltown 125-0 in 1925.

Langdale consolidated with Fairfax and Shawmut to form Valley in Chambers County in 1939.

No matter what happens the rest of this season, the 2019 Aggies will be remembered for producing the fifth-highest scoring game in program history.

Shannon J. Allen is sports editor for The Reporter. He can be reached at shannon.allen@sandmountainreporter.com.

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