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Boaz city officials received a $7,500 donation from Sen. Clay Scofield and Rep. Kerry Rich during Monday night’s city council meeting. Pictured are, from left, Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin, Scofield, Assistant Chief Walter “Little John” Colbert, Boaz K9 Officer Jerrod Davis and Rich. The funds will be put toward the future purchase of a new police dog.

The Marshall County Legislative Delegation brought good news to the Boaz City Council Monday night. 

Sen. Clay Scofield and Rep. Kerry Rich brought a donation to the council to be used for law enforcement.

“Tonight we are proud to help the law enforcement in your city,” Scofield said. 

“These guys, they put their lives on the line every day.”

Scofield urged councilmen to turn on the news to see how some areas of the country feel about police. 

“Turn on the national news and it is not pleasant what is being said about them,” Scofield said. “We don’t have those views here. Our community really appreciates law enforcement in a big, big way.

“We need to thank them as much as we possibly can.”

Rich presented Mayor David Dyar, Police Chief Josh Gaskin, Assistant Chief Walter “Little John” Colbert and K9 officer Jerrod Davis a check for $7,500 to help cover the cost of a new police dog.

Davis currently handles Jax, who is 9 years old. 

“He is still active and has a lot of drive in him,” Davis said. “We are going to need a new dog at some point in the near future.”

Davis has worked in Murfreesboro, Tenn., as a K9 officer and has extensive experience with police dogs. 

“I’ve had dogs all my life, and I’ve trained them,” Davis said. 

Colbert said Davis makes the majority of drug seizures and arrests within Boaz.

“He’s our top officer for narcotic traffic stops,” Colbert said. “He has worked with several dogs for many years. He’s the top officer outside of the drug unit.”

Gaskin said a full fundraising effort hasn’t been organized yet due to COVID-19’s affect on local businesses and civic clubs. 

However, anyone wishing to make a donation toward the new dog is asked to call Gaskin at the Boaz Police Department at 256-593-6812.


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