Once a month, on each third Saturday, the Sand Mountain Woodcarvers meet to hone their craft and maybe solve a world problem or two while they’re at it.

Charlie Leverette moved to the area about 20 years ago. He said at the time he had some extra money to build a barn, so he added in a woodworking shop and founded the Sand Mountain Woodcarvers.

Leverette said the club isn’t really that formal. People just show up every third Saturday around 8 a.m. and start carving and talking to pass the time. In March, David Wilson, Murrell McCurley and Hugh O’Neal dropped by Leverette’s workshop to work on projects and chat about carving and whatever crossed their mind.

From time to time, Leverette said they would have a well-known carver drop in and teach a class.

“We’ve have some well-known carvers come in and teach,” Leverette said. “We’ve have people come in from Ohio and Boston to teach. We’ve also had people from Arkansas and Tennessee. We even had some people from the Czech Republic come in and teach a class on hand carving marionettes.”

O’Neal has been put in charge of bringing in some new recruits that may be interested in learning how to carve.

So, the Sand Mountain Carvers are planning an open house on April 6 and inviting anyone interested to drop by, ask questions and maybe take an interest in the hobby. O’Neal said the open house will begin at 9 a.m. in Leverette’s workshop, located at 2112 DeKalb County Road 433.

His workshop is just a few miles off of Alabama Highway 75. To get there from Albertville, take a right at Verlon Painter Motors and then take a left on DeKalb County Road 125. When the road meets DeKalb County Road 433, take a right and look for the big red barn on the left.

“We really just want to promote the hobby and teach,” Wilson said.

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