The Alabama Department of Public Health introduced a new feature to its COVID-19 Data and Surveillance Dashboard on Thursday afternoon, revealing that there are now nearly 8,000 COVID-19 cases presumed recovered.

According to the ADPH, cases are presumed recovered if it has been 14 days or more since the case tested positive if they were not hospitalized, if it has been 32 days or more since the case tested positive if they were hospitalized, or if hospitalization was unknown. All deaths are excluded from the count.

Presumed recovery statistics have not been broken down by county.

Dr. Karen Landers, a spokesperson for the ADPH, said the new statistic would be updated weekly, unlike other data points that are updated live each day.

As of Friday, May 23, there were a total of 13,563 confirmed cases across the state, meaning more than half of those cases are believed to have recovered. The ADPH reports a total of 177,768 tests had been administered.

There have been 537 deaths. There have been 1,561 hospitalizations.

Within in the last 14 days, 4,200 cases have been confirmed in Alabama; more than 69,000 tests have been administered.

In Marshall County, there were 642 total cases confirmed; 4,853 tests have been administered across the county. Nine people have died from the virus.

One hundred twenty-one cases have been confirmed within the last 14 days. There have been nearly 1,600 tests administered within the same period.

Marshall County has been one of the state’s “hot spots,” ranking in the top-five Alabama counties for the most COVID-19 cases.

In a brief statement to The Reporter, Landers said she believed Marshall County’s numbers continue to rise due to the increase in testing availability, as well as “cases linked to other cases upon investigation.”

In DeKalb County, there were 208 total confirmed cases; 1,625 total tests have been administered. Three deaths have been reported.

Etowah County had 225 total confirmed cases; 3,751 total tests have been administered; 10 deaths reported. Blount County had 48 total confirmed cases; 1,282 total tests have been administered; one death reported.

Nationwide, there have been a total of 1,596,633 confirmed cases, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center; more than 13 million test results have been collected. There have been 95,823 deaths reported, but at least 298,418 cases are presumed recovered.

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