Working at The Reporter is like having a second family, and most of the time it’s awesome. But sometimes, just like a real family, you drive each other crazy.

There’s our publisher, Kim, who is nurturing and points us I the right direction. She’s super-nice and always calls us “Hun” and “Sweetie,” which makes us all feel special. She also is great at getting our attention if we get a little carried away talking when we should be working.

Shannon, who is just about the nicest guy in the world, always makes sure we stick to the rules. His main “law” is “no talking about looks, age or weight.” He tells that’s the best way to stay out of trouble. He also keeps me in check when I get riled up. He’ll say, “Watch out Nickie’s going to put the smack down on someone!” Which always gets me to calm down.

Then there’s my “little brothers,” Noah, who’s 23 years old, and Taylor, who’s 24 years old. And just like your typical brothers, they have my back. But, they also drive me insane. Not in a bad way, though. They tend to crack jokes on me and poke fun at me. They laugh at my outbursts and ask me tons of questions, just like you would expect little brothers to act. Even though I sometimes tell them they’re driving me insane, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They make work fun and entertaining for sure. Plus, they put up with me and my shenanigans.

The Reporter’s “first line of defense” and total sweetheart, Linda, who always protects us from the telemarketers and other random callers that bombard our phones. Plus, she welcomes everyone to our office when they visit. She tells me “good morning” every day, and she always asks me if I’m feeling better if I’m ever out sick.

The ladies in our business office, Amanda and Michelle, are like those cool sisters that everyone wants to be like. Amanda is friendly and always has something nice to say. Michelle is helpful and never fails to make certain everyone is taken care of. I’m so glad they’re in my second family.

Then there’s Sherrie and Tammy, they’re also like sisters. Tammy has the biggest heart, and she’s one of my best friends. Then there’s Sherrie, the one that’s always cracking jokes. She likes to sneak up on people and blast an airhorn, she hides people’s keys and she’s always coming up with new and inventive ways to make us all laugh.

Jonathan and John are another pair of work-brothers. Jonathan is our resident youth minister that treats everyone like they’re youth, even though we’re not. He’s a sweetie, but he won’t hesitate to say what’s on his mind. John is always singing, smiling and dancing around the office. He’s a such a positive person and a breath of fresh air. He gives high-fives out to keep everyone in a good mood.

Last but not least, one of our team’s newest members, Elizabeth. Even though I don’t know her that well yet, she’s always friendly to me. Plus, she brings snacks to the office to share with us. So, she’s an awesome addition to The Reporter.

I’m happy to share this glimpse into my life with you all. In case you couldn’t tell, I really love my work family. They’re certainly a blessing.

Nickie Simpson is a staff writer for The Reporter. She can be reached at

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