Manufactured homes may no longer be allowed within the Sardis City limits if a proposed ordinance passes.

According to the new ordinance introduced by the Sardis City Council on Monday evening, “All manufactured homes, mobile homes, trailers and modular homes be disallowed in all zones inside the Sardis City city limits.”

The decision to move forward with the ban came after nearly a year of deliberation by the city planning committee. Councilman Chris Royal said he was initially against the idea of banning mobile homes in the city but was convinced otherwise after doing further research on the issue.

“I’m the one last year, the only one on the planning commission that disagreed with that [banning mobile homes in the city] at that time,” Royal said. “I see things a little differently now than I did then.”

Royal said the intention of the ordinance is to protect property values by preventing any new manufactured homes from being brought into the city, but homes that already exist within the city limits would be grandfathered in. 

However, the ordinance does not currently address more complex issues such as what to do in the event an existing mobile home becomes damaged to the point of needing replacement or special cases of hardship. Royals said the city could benefit from hiring an inspector to “navigate” these housing issues, but a broad ban on manufactured homes would be a first step in the right direction in the meantime.

Mayo Russell Amos said he can see both sides of the issue but will support the council’s decision whichever way the vote goes next meeting.

In other business, the council introduced an ordinance to offer a 1.5% tax abatement to a new business, Bowen Veterinary Services; heard from Savannah West about the possibility of starting a local farmers market; and heard from Mark Gidley who announced his candidacy for the Alabama House of Representatives, District 29. Learn more about those issues in the next edition of The Reporter.

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I don’t understand why if you buy a mobile home and spend 80 to 90 thousand dollars on it how does this bring property values down. I sorry some people can not pay what everyone is asking for houses, or for rent of houses.


If all I can afford is a Mobile home and I own my land,and pay taxes, why should someone else have a say so about my life????

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