Whether you like them extra hot or mildly sweet, fans of chicken wings will have a new place to get their fix now that Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Albertville.

This will be the national chain’s first restaurant on Sand Mountain located near the intersection of U.S. Highway 431 and Alabama Highway 75 on the same site where construction of a new Hampton Inn is set to begin soon.

“The city is really excited to have Buffalo Wild Wings locating in our market,” Mayor Tracy Honea said.  “Casual dining restaurants are a need in Albertville and having a national brand such as Buffalo Wild Wings choose to open in Albertville is a great thing for our citizens and our area as a whole.”

Albertville’s economic development director, Mike Price, said attracting a business like Buffalo Wild Wings has been in the works for more than three years.

“This is a big one for the City of Albertville,” Price said. “We have been in contact with numerous developers over the last three-plus years trying to put a project together that would include the addition of Buffalo Wild Wings. Jason Grimmett with Drinkard Development did a fantastic job crafting a deal that not only includes Buffalo Wild Wings but also has the potential to include a second offering on the same site.”  

Drinkard Development, which has been developing retail centers, government buildings, residential properties and theatres for more than 50 years, was contracted by the city to execute the project.

“On behalf of Drinkard Development, I am excited to have executed a lease with Buffalo Wild Wings for a new location in Albertville,” Grimmett, director of lease administration at Drinkard, said. “This has been a project that my company as well as the city leadership has worked on for some time now.  

“While we do not have an official start date just yet, we are working through the issues of planning to get this project started,” he added.

Founded in 1982 by Buffalo, New York natives Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, Buffalo Wild Wings combines the sports bar experience with a casual dining atmosphere where the whole family can enjoy a full menu including 21 flavors of buffalo wings.


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