Dear Editor,

Well, it’s that time again! We’ll soon be going to the polls to cast our ballots for our city’s mayors and council persons!

After three years of laying on their elbows, maybe now we can get something done before August!

I would like to ask the mayor and council of the city of Boaz to ask for a full audit and oversight of our water department!

I own two houses located directly across the street from each other. One is occupied by my wife and myself, the other by my daughter who lives alone.

My daughter does very little cooking at home and brings her laundry to my house to do.

For the past couple of months, her water bill has been double the amount of mine! 

When I first questioned the water department about this, they said there was most likely a leak somewhere in her house. I went under the floor myself, put dye in her toilets to see if the tanks were leaking into the bowl and found no sign of leakage anywhere. I called the water department again and had them to come out and check her meter. They sent a nice young man out who assured me there was nothing wrong with the meter.

Someone from the water department called me and assured me that her water usage was a good bit lower this month and that she must have left the water running and had forgotten about it.

When my bills arrived today, her bill was about $20.00 less than last month, but mine was $20.00 higher, and she still used more water there by herself doing no laundry than we used at my house, even though we were  doing all the laundry for both homes and almost 100% of the cooking and two of us were taking daily showers as opposed to just one at her home.

A friend of mine told me that his water bill was more than his electric bill!

If everything is above board and the equipment is indeed accurately working as designed at the water board, they too should be demanding a full audit and inspection of their business to justify these complaints! If it is not, then that falls into the lap of our elected officials!


John B Thompson


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