Tyler May is a man who wears many hats, including working part-time as an announcer for WQSB-FM in Albertville.

Tyler texted me Thursday to share the news about Ed Galloway’s death. I never met Ed Galloway, but I knew his voice, and so did you if you’ve ever listened to FM 105.1.

Mr. Galloway was the “voice guy” on all the WQSB jingles and imaging for more than 20 years. As soon as you heard his distinctive voice, you knew you were listening to WQSB.

My lifelong friend, Barry Galloway, and Linda Conner are the “Morning Crew” on WQSB. I called Barry to learn more about Mr. Galloway, who was known as “The Man with a Thousand Voices.”

“Our new voice guy started the first part of this week,” Barry said. “It’s going to take a while to change everything out. Ed was kind of like part of the staff. Everybody who heard him thought he was one of us.”

Barry and Ed weren’t related, although they share the same last name.

Barry never met Ed. They always talked by phone when discussing the services WQSB needed from Ed Galloway Productions.

“When I would talk to Ed about a commercial and tell him how I wanted it, I didn’t have to go back and tell him again,” Barry said. “He was very talented. He helped us win many awards through the years.”

WQSB began utilizing Mr. Galloway’s company when Warren Penney was its station manager. The men had worked together at a radio station in North Carolina.

Mr. Galloway lived in Mint Hill, North Carolina, a major suburb on the outskirts of Charlotte. He was 68 when he died Jan. 28.

“On Friday, I had sent some stuff to Ed for him to cut for us,” Barry said. “His daughter called us the next week and said he passed away suddenly. She said Ed had planned to go into work Monday morning and cut the stuff for us.

“I knew Ed had heart troubles for years but he’d been doing fine. It just happened all of the sudden.

“Changing to another voice guy on WQSB takes some getting used to when you’ve been used to hearing Ed, especially when you’ve worked with him for that long.”

Fans of Mr. Galloway who would like to listen to more of his work can visit his website, thevoiceontheradio.com. I’ll miss his voice on WQSB.

Shannon J. Allen is sports editor for The Reporter. He can be reached at shannon.allen@sandmountainreporter.com.

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