Dear Editor,

It’s amazing how much social unrest has been ignited across America by the wrongful death of one man. I agree that what happened to Mr. George Floyd is awful and unacceptable; what is amazing to me is that much of America, a nation already on edge from an epidemic, seems to be scrambling in every direction, like headless chickens, searching for somebody to blame and some way to fix our problems, confused about what is right, what is good, and what is needed.

There could not be a more appropriate time to reflect upon the death of another man at the hands of local law enforcement long ago. He had committed no crime, nor even any error, thus his death was wrongful beyond definition of the phrase. His murder was brutal beyond imagination. His courage was greater than that of any war hero, because he already knew what was coming to him, yet he lead himself to the slaughter anyway. His life was neither black, white, nor blue, but it was given up for the very reason that all lives do matter; there’s no need to debate that issue any further.

America needs only one simple thing to find direction and unity among all the chaos. If every American would be mindful every day of what happened to this man, and why it happened, there would be no more racism or injustice, no more overconcern for lifeless statues, no more oversensitivity to powerless symbols and no more arrogant pride to keep people at each others’ throats.


Michael Brown


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Is this letter to the editor about Jesus? Dr. King? President Kennedy? Who is it about? And what do these fancy high falutin' words propose is the solution? Okay, you got your letter in the paper. Now what?


I think the murderer needs jesus. Because then he wouldn't be a murderer

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