CROSSVILLE — Dr. Paul Protz of Crossville Chiropractic Health Center said chiropractic treatment has come a long way from just hands only.

“That’s all you used to do, is hands only. You adjusted them and left,” said Protz, who celebrated 50 years in business in December.

“Now, you have a lot more therapies to use. We have spinal decompression now, which helps to decompress swollen disc areas. My son has that at his office.”

Paul Protz Jr. and his sister, Tauret Protz Burke, are also chiropractors. They practice together at Protz Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Sardis City.

“We both have laser therapy, and it’s a wonderful tool,” Protz said. “We have what they call a category 4 laser, and it is a type of laser that will penetrate approximately 2 inches into the body. It generates a heat and it stimulates cellular activity, which in turn promotes healing.

“We’ve used it for everything from shoulder problems to knee problems. I would venture an educated guess that we get about 90 percent of the people satisfied with it. It’s a wonderful tool.”

Protz describes himself as an “old-school” doctor who likes to adjust patients.

“I’m a forceful type adjuster,” he said. “I like to hear bones crack, so to speak. That’s what I think makes people better — to align the spine to get the body operating again like it’s supposed to. Optimal health. And when you do that, you avoid a lot of sickness.

“My wife and I take no medications at all. We’ve not had any surgeries all this time. We do take vitamins and so forth.

“The last time I was sick, and this is no kidding, that I missed work, was probably in ’71 or ’72. The Lord has really blessed me with good health, but we do take care of ourselves.”

Protz’s wife, Imogene, is also a chiropractor, but she’s never practiced with him.

Protz, who turned 72 in December, works three days a week. His office in Crossville has been in the same location all 50 years of his practice.

“I don’t profess or claim to heal anybody in this office,” Protz said. “I pray for my patients every day, and whatever happens is up to the Lord. He’s been good to me. He’s healed a lot of people. He really has.

“There’s nothing wrong with medication, but to be overmedicated is a different story. We do DOT [Department of Transportation] exams here, and there’s times we have to send a trucker to their doctor to get medication or otherwise they can’t drive.”

Protz graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, whose main campus is in Davenport, Iowa. Dr. B.J. Palmer was the son of the college’s founder, D.D. Palmer.

“Dr. B.J. Palmer was a president of the college,” Protz said. “One of the things he would do is carve things on the wall of the college. And one of the things I remember all this time is, ‘The power that made the body is the power that heals the body.’”


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