As a native Alabamian, I appreciate your concern over the natural disaster that plagued the Heart of Dixie recently.

Actually, no such thing happened, but Hurricane Dorian seemed to make more news for where it didn’t hit than where it did.

On Sept. 1, President Donald Trump tweeted that multiple states were in the path of danger, including Alabama. This struck many people as odd, since then-current modeling showed the storm taking a curve toward the Atlantic Coast.

It certainly came as a surprise to the National Weather Service office of Birmingham, which said there was no threat to Alabama.

They, of course, were proven correct.

But our president couldn’t be wrong. He had reporters in the Oval Office for a news conference which showed the tracking cone seemingly added to by Sharpie. And late last Friday, the weather service rebuked its own local employees, essentially for doing their job — correctly, I’d add.

That’s how it goes with Trump. Almost certainly, that forecaster didn’t go to the weather office at the Shelby County Airport expecting to find himself or herself in the eye of the storm (no pun intended).

But sooner or later, Trump pulls you into his vortex, and we all have to choose.

Get sucked in, or stand up for something? I guess you won’t know until a hurricane you never saw coming is blowing at you.

Albertville native David

Clemons is the editor and publisher of The Walton Tribune in Monroe, Georgia. His email address is Twitter: @scoopclemons.

I am editor and publisher of the Times-Journal in Fort Payne., and a native of Albertville. I was managing editor of The Sand Mountain Reporter from 2006-09.

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