Overlooking Lake Geneva, eating chocolate, and being the face of a Swiss chocolate commercial is anybody’s dream vacation. Jessica and Steven Brindley, who own Brindley Pharmacy in Albertville, were able to have that vacation, as well as, celebrate their two-year anniversary at the same time.

Jessica, a top sales manager for Scentsy, was in the top 100 sales representatives of the year and scored an all-expenses-paid trip to Switzerland. They enjoyed much of the scenery and even had fun with the language barrier while trying new things, which included duck liver.

“He told me to pair it with the little caramel chips, then the white wine,” Jessica said. “All of it was gross. Then he asked me if I knew what ‘foie gras’ was.”

“It makes the experience better,” Steven said, barely containing his laughter.

The Brindleys said they enjoyed every experience they were allowed to try and wouldn’t change the time they had for anything.

One of the experiences they discussed was making their own chocolate at the Läderach Chocolatier factory. Factory workers loved the “animation” of Steven so much that they asked him to model for a commercial for next year.

“He’s what you call boogie,” Jessica said. “As we were making our chocolate chicks the instructor was impressed with his ‘extraness’ and asked if he could model for their business advertisement.”

When asked if free chocolate was available to him from now on, Steven said that he wasn’t that fortunate.

“I tried to work out a deal,” Steven said. “But once it was obvious that that wasn’t happening, we just ate as much chocolate as we could.”

It was an anniversary of a lifetime. The couple travels quite a bit, but both said that this experience would stick with them over some of the others.

“It’s not every day you get the opportunity to spend time with your wife in the Swiss Alps, overlooking the serene Lake Geneva, enjoying the true experience of the chocolatier,” Steven said.

While the two don’t expect the commercial being sent their way, Steven jokingly said that he will turn on Swiss TV everyday just in the hope of getting lucky.

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