Christmas has come early for Albertville City School teachers who recently learned they would be getting a $400 bonus in time for the holidays.

Superintendent Boyd English and the school board approved the one-time bonus during a board meeting Tuesday evening. According to English, all full-time employees and all full-time Spur workers still working in a full-time ongoing position with the district on Nov.  18 would be getting the bonus.

English said it was to “recognize and thank everyone for their hard work and dedication in these most trying times.” 

During the meeting, he also recognized the school board for their service to the school system and mentioned Gov. Kay Ivey declaring the week as “Thank Alabama Teachers” week.

In other business, the board:

• Approved the October 2020 financials, which showed $4,778,813.95 in revenue and $4,927,881.44 in expenditures. 

• Approved the November 2020 fundraiser requests.

• Approved the following personnel items:

A. Retirements/resignations

1. Christopher Godwin, resigning as custodian at AHS, effective Nov. 31, 2020.

B. Transfer

1. Anastasia Beasley, transferring from business education teacher at AHS to Agriscience Teacher at AHS (replacing Gary Aycock), effective Nov. 1.

C. Other

1. Lydia O’Donnell, clock operator for AHS basketball, to be paid $30 per game from AHS Basketball funds, effective Nov.  18-Jan. 25, 2021.

2. Shelia Pall, concession worker for AHS basketball, to be paid and not to exceed $2,000 from AHS Tipoff Booster funds, effective Nov. 18-Feb. 5, 2021.

3. Barresa Adams, gatekeeper for five AHS basketball games, to be paid and not to exceed $60 per game paid from AHS Basketball funds, effective Nov.  23-Feb. 5, 2021.

4. Annsonnetta Golden, gatekeeper for five AHS Basketball games, to be paid and not to exceed $60 per game paid from AHS Basketball funds, effective Nov.  18-Feb.5, 2021.

5. Brian Harris, Math lab, to be paid $20 per hour and not to exceed 1 hour per day, effective Nov.  18-May 27, 2021.

6. Mary Jo Smith, system-wide Custodian, requests to have her sick leave reinstated for Oct. 26-Nov. 6 due to an on the job injury that occurred on Oct. 23.

7. Janice Thompson, Counselor, requests to have her sick leave reinstated for Oct. 30-Nov. 12 due to an on the job injury that occurred on Oct. 29. 

D. Contract transfer

1. Deidra Tidwell, transferring from principal at AHS, to principal at Albertville Virtual and Success Academy, effective immediately.

E. Contract temporary

1. Jordan Phillips, to serve as acting principal at AHS, effective immediately until the job has been filled, to be paid not to exceed $7,500.

F. Supplement non-renewal

1. Clifton Mitchell, non-renewed as head football and strength and conditioning coach at AHS effective Nov. 18 with monthly duties pay effective May 31, 2021.

• Updated the job description for strength and conditioning teacher/coach.

• Approved an independent contract with Wendell Smith to provide his services with AHS Show Choir to tune the Yamaha Grand Piano, to be paid and not to exceed $300 from AHS Choir funds, effective Nov. 18-May 31, 2021.

• Approved the following out of state trips:

1. Varsity cheerleaders to attend Smoky Mountain Championship Cheerleading Competition in Sevierville, Tennessee, Dec. 5.

2. Varsity cheerleaders to attend UCA Nationals Cheer Competition in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 3-8, 2021. Board member Cory Colvin questioned if the state was allowing overnight and out of state field trips. English said that as long as it was an AAHSA sponsored event, it was approved.

• Approved the 2021-2022 holiday calendar for 12-month employees, which includes 29 off-contract days. 

• Discussed a risk notification regarding the mishandling of funds. According to the notification, which is required under the School Fiscal Accountability Act when a financial transaction is not within school board policy, class funds were operating outside of the school accounts. The money was reportedly from donations and fundraisers and was used to purchase supplies. 

The transaction occurred on May 15, 2018, with the AHS principal listed as the responsible party. The principal was retrained on administrative finance, and the accounts were brought into the school accounts and are now in compliance with board policy, the notification stated.

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