Dear Editor,

I am writing to the County Commission about the Confederate flag on county property, particularly the one at the Albertville Courthouse. 

The flag does not represent Southern pride. Let it be known that this flag fired on our American flag. In this country, there is no room for this flag. We are all American, not Confederate. I am a United States of America veteran. I served honorably in the U.S. Army. 

The Confederate flag is a symbol of hate and divisiveness. Also, the Civil War was about keeping a whole race of people down in slavery, to work for white people picking cotton, making money for the southern whites. The hate groups use this flag as a symbol of hate.

Let’s stop this. Put these symbols in museums please.  

Mack Stewart 


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Check your history, the war was not fought totally over slavery. It was about states rights. U.S. Grant owned slaves, why don't we remove him from any monuments. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington also owned slaves and they are on Mt. Rushmore.

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