Marshall County Sheriff's Office and Jail

A Marshall County man returned to the Marshall County Jail last week following a short release. 

Nicholas Black, 23, of Arab, had been housed in the jail since his arrest in January. 

Arrest records with the Marshall County Jail showed he was re-booked on charges of traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act, electronic solicitation of a child and transmission of obscene material to a child Oct. 9. 

Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Bray said Black has not been charged with any new or additional crimes. Instead, he has returned to the jail following a brief medical release beginning Oct. 5.

“He was released for a period of four days under strict supervision to go to a doctor’s appointment in Nashville for a previously existing medical condition,” Bray said. 

“After his doctor’s appointment, he was returned to the Marshall County Jail.”

Black remains under a $150,000 bond.

At the time of Black’s arrest, Guntersville Police Chief Jim Peterson said a 17-year-old noticed one of his 15-year-old friends had been contacted by Black on Instagram.

The teen decided to act on his own by portraying himself as his female friend. The teen said he continued texting with Black and then scheduled a meet. The boy recorded the confrontation and posted it online.

“They stayed with the individual after he realized ‘uh oh I’m caught,’ and he tried to leave the store,” said Peterson.

Peterson said police arrested Black Jan. 24 and searched his home. Peterson said the charges are related to a single underage victim currently, but there could be more. School employees and resource officers this week tried to identify any students who may have heard from him, Peterson said.

Peterson said while the teen helped catch Black, he put himself and his friends at risk. “Anytime you’re dealing with someone that’s involved in a crime, no matter how meek or meager they are when they’re caught, you have no way of knowing how they’re going to react.”

Marshall County District Attorney’s Office said Traveling to meet a child for a sex act is a Class A felony sex offense, which carries a 10 to 99 or life in prison sentence and up to $60,000 in fines.

They said Electronic Solicitation of a Minor and Transmitting Obscene Material are Class B felony sex offenses, which is a two to 20-year prison sentence and up to a $30,000 fine.

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