Emily Lynn works consistently hard in the lunchroom every day to provide lunch for the students at Marshall Christian School. Here, we get an understanding of what her job is like.

A typical day for Lynn is very busy. She begins the day by estimating how many kids will be eating lunch. Then she has to set up preschool snacks and make tea. It takes three people to make tea for everyone. Lynn must start cooking at 8:30 a.m. and does not get a break until 12:30 a.m. Once a week, she has to check the inventory to see if anything needs to restock anything. However, this is not the end. She still has to clean up the lunchroom and kitchen.

However, Lynn did not always intend to work in the school lunchroom. She considered being a teacher or an accountant and even worked in her family’s business for a little while. For 28 years, she was a cake decorator! Then, she began working at Marshall Christian School and has been working here for five years.

Lynn says that her favorite part of working in the lunchroom is making students happy and knowing they enjoy their lunches. In her opinion, the students are the best part of the school. All of her children go here as well. She also loves being involved in the school. However, things do not always go as planned in the lunchroom. Sometimes the equipment breaks down. Once, there was a fire on the back of the stove. Thankfully, everyone reacted quickly, so there was not too much damage. Now that you know Lynn a little better, be sure to say thank you for the next time you pass her in the lunch line.

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