With the moving of an old polling location and the addition of another, voters in Marshall County’s District 1 now have two new places to cast their ballots. 

During a regular meeting Wednesday, the Marshall County Commission voted to make the Cherokee Ridge Clubhouse the polling location in that area in place of the old Midway Center.

“We’ve been using Midway for several years,” District 1 Commissioner Ronny Shumate said. “The building is actually 100 years old… I wouldn’t even want my family to go in there for anything.”

Shumate listed mold-covered walls, bad lighting, a foul smell and a leaky roof among the many issues with the dilapidated building. He said the conditions there pose a threat to the integrity of the voting ballots as well as to the safety of voters and poll workers.

“We had poll workers that were sick after [the last election], and it was so bad that your little piece of paper that you voted on, by the time you filled it out and walked across the building, the moisture was so bad that the machine didn’t want to accept it,” he said.

Located less than two miles from the old location, Shumate said they were “blessed” to have the clubhouse as an alternative option now that Cherokee Ridge has officially become a municipality.

“It’s a win-win for us, because the other place, I’d be surprised if a big wind doesn’t take it away one day,” Shumate said.

The commission also voted to add another polling location in District 1 at C&C Asphalt located at 5489 Alabama Highway 79 South in Guntersville. Shumate said many voters at the southernmost end of his district near the Blount County line have had to travel further to the Guntersville Recreation Center to vote in past elections.

“I was asked to change that polling location to try to ease some off the Guntersville site and help those people down there,” Shumate said.

He said C&C Asphalt, formly M&S Construction, understood it would have to close down the day of and before an election.

In other business, the commission:

Report update from Martin & Cobey Construction on Old Jail Renovation

Announced white goods pickup and dumpster for District 2 for September 20

Approved changing the polling location in District 1 from Midway Center to Cherokee Ridge Clubhouse

Approved adding a polling place in District 1 located at C& C Asphalt on Highway 79 S

Approved a 35-mph speed limit for Mountain View Road.

Approved a $250 payment request to Tapps Lawn Care for Douglas Senior Center

Approved a $910.10 payment request to Corbitt Power and Light, LLC for repairs to a bucket truck belonging to the Marshall County EMA.

Approved giving $2,500 in direct support to Disabled American Veterans.

Engineering – Discuss approval of Bid Award FY22

Moved to carry over voting on the budget for fiscal year 2022 until the next meeting. District 2 Commissioner Rick Watson said he wanted to first learn how much a cost-of-living raise would be compared to the 4% merit increase included in the proposed budget. The budget projects total revenues and expenses for 2022 at $12,922,700 and $12,786,156.82, respectively, but County Administrator Ashleigh Bubbett said that could change depending on what the commission decides regarding salary raises.

Approved budgeting $100,000 of the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Personal Protective Equipment and additional cleaning supplies for current and future COVID-19 surges. Bubbett said the commission could later decide to use any leftover funds for another project.

Approved paying $1,000 to the Town of Douglas for a Ford Crown Victoria and $550 to Window Wizard for placing graphics on the vehicle.

Approved $16,715.50 out of Coronavirus Local and State Fiscal Recovery Funds to purchase nine Max Air CAPR Systems for the coroner’s office.

Approved a 30-day lease agreement with Mack Transportation for a refrigerated trailer at $125 per day for funeral home overflow and construction of ramp to be paid out of Coronavirus Local and State Fiscal Recovery Funds; construction of ramp not to exceed $15,000.

Approved an indemnity agreement with various funeral homes within Marshall County that allow the funeral homes to use mortuary coolers provided by the county as needed due to lack of storage facilities available.

Appointed for Jeff Jones to the Marshall-Jackson 310 Agency to replace resigned position of Lacey White; expires April 2024

Entered into memorandum of understanding with Alabama State University Center for Leadership and Public Policy for redistricting based upon new 2020 Census to be paid out of Countywide funds; costs not to exceed $5,000

Approved the sale, trade or scrap of various fixed assets.

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