Studio B is a place known for much more than teaching a perfect pirouette, or mastering the articulation of attitude.

Since opening its doors in 1983, Studio B has offered a variety dance lessons and talent enrichment classes led by owner and operator Bobbi Dale Rowe, and continues to expand today.

“Bobbi Dale has a legacy,” Brandy Duncan, part-time instructor for Studio B, said. “When I was a girl, I took dance. When I got married and had a stepdaughter, she came and took dance. She walked in the studio, saw my picture hanging up and said, ‘Is that you dancing at 12?’ I said, ‘Yep.’ It’s a generational thing … Everybody that has went into fine arts was bred by Bobbi Dale at some point.”

Rowe’s legacy grew in part because Studio B was one of the first of its kind on Sand Mountain and remains unlike any other studio in the area.

Not only does Studio B offer ballet, hip-hop and tap dancing lessons, it’s also home to modeling and talent development courses that can land its students contracts across the country. Its students also perform at the highest level at national dance competitions.

“We’re trying to give them a little taste of what’s outside of Boaz, Alabama,” McCright said. “When I was younger I wanted to be a back-up dancer to all these different singers, but it was never really in the cards for me. But, we have so many kids that are so talented that it is in the cards for them. They just need the opportunity, so that’s what we’re trying to do.”

In order to provide more opportunities for people from all walks of life, Jazmen McCright, a part-time instructor, is starting a program called Dancing Without Limits. McCright said the class is open for students with Down Syndrome, Autism and any other developmental capabilities. It will begin in August.

Starting in September, Studio B will also offer an eight-week Senior Exercise & Balance course for ages 55-105. Rose said the course is a “super energy booster” that offers a plethora of health benefits too.

“We do a lot,” Rowe said. “We offer a lot of different things and provide people opportunities they may not be able to find anywhere else around here.”

To learn more about the Studio B and its variety of programs, pick up future editions of The Reporter and be sure to visit

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