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What happened to “15 days to flatten the curve?” Remember that? 

How quickly our optimism of beating the novel coronavirus faded as it spread rapidly across the country. The more we learned about it, the less we knew for sure how to handle it. 

Early on in the pandemic, we thought if we just instituted major shut downs, stayed away from each other and washed our hands, the virus would go away somehow.

Those days came and went fast and turned into months of prolonged misery.

With cases in the U.S. approaching 6 million, can we all agree that the national response to the novel coronavirus was bungled? Mismanaged? The proverbial ball dropped? 

But can we also agree that there was probably nothing we could have done differently to stop it?

Hindsight being what it is, we’ll probably learn there were many things we could have and should have done differently, if and when this is all over. But don’t think you know what those are now, because like everyone else, you’d be guessing.

Yet still many people think they could have done better were they in charge of the COVID-19 response.

They mention more, rapid testing as if they came up with the idea.  

They point to countries like New Zealand or South Korea as prime examples of how good leadership can solve the pandemic, yet those countries are starting to see a resurgence of cases. Regardless, it would be next to impossible to make a one-to-one comparison with the U.S. due to the myriad unique and unknown variables.

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden released his seven-point plan detailing how he’d handle the pandemic. 

Oddly enough, they were things President Trump has already done, minus the absurd suggestion of implementing a nationwide mask mandate.

Then again, what difference would a federal mask order make to us in Alabama? 

Apparently, Dr. Scott Harris and Gov. Kay Ivey reserve the right to extend the order indefinitely, but maybe Oct. 2 will satisfy them.

Here’s to 34 days to flatten the curve.    

Daniel Taylor is the news editor for The Reporter. His email is

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