Boaz’s head court magistrate was arrested Thursday morning, March 12, for allegedly purchasing pain pills from a former Boaz City Jail inmate.

Crissy Marie Ginn, 39, of Albertville, has been charged with criminal solicitation to commit a controlled substance crime, according to Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin.

About one week ago, Gaskin said, the department received a tip suggesting Ginn had been making the illegal pill purchases. After an investigation was launched by the Narcotics and Investigative division, Gaskin said officers were able to confirm the citizen’s suspicion a few days later. When Ginn was later questioned, Gaskin said she admitted to the crime.

Gaskin said the pills she had been purchasing were Norco — pain pills containing a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocodone.

Ginn had been a Boaz City Court magistrate for more than five years, Gaskin said, and served as head of the department.

The investigation is ongoing. Gaskin said an audit for the department to ensure financial records at the court would be likely.

She was transported to the Marshall County Jail, booked and released on a $2,500 bond, Gaskin said.

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So glad she got caught


Glad she got caught. She has always thought she was so much better than everyone else. She always treated everyone like the dirt under her feet. I hope the City of Boaz, Mayor Dyar and Chief Gaskin terminate her and I hope the courts makes sure she doesn't ever work in any court system of any kind or law enforcement for the rest of her life.


I completely agree she always looked down on everyone thinking she was MRS. perfect but boy doesn”t god have a way of teaching all of us a lesson traching us we need to be and STAY HUMBLE ALWAYS.,


I really hope she has to go through what every other person with that charge has to go through, but I'm guessing she will just get a slap on the wrist. She is a hateful woman and I'm glad she got caught. Whatever the outcome, I'm sure it won't be public knowledge.

Brandy Mccullars

You people are shameful hateful people !who are you to judge her you don't know her, I've known her my whole life and she is never been hateful to anybody .You "Perfect" people better be careful what you say because God will humble you, and y'all may just get what you deserve ! It makes me sad there are so many ignorant know it alls! Chrissy you are loved by so many ❤


Brandy McCullars you know because you have probably known her from church where she acted like a saint. A devil in sheeps clothes is what she is. She is one of the most hateful 2 faced women I know. She treats people out of her sector like trash and non-human. She is the one who is fixing to get humbled by God. Mayor Dyar, Chief Gaskin, Boaz City Council etc. get the ball rolling and terminate her employment back to the minute she was arrested and petition the court to make sure she never works in a court system or law enforcement of any type in USA for rest of her life. Do your jobs PLEASE!!


You are exactly right. I know her on a personal level. I have seen both sides that you speak of. The sweet church going side, and the mean as the devil side. She has personally lied on me and relished every minute of it. Mark this down, and it applies to me and everyone that has ever walked or that will walk on this Earth: you will reap what you sow. If you sow lies, the truth will come out in time. Whatever we put in the ground is going to take root and come up unless it is “dug up” by the truth and forgiveness. This issue should be investigated very carefully and by outside sources beyond the Boaz PD. No one is mentioning in these comments, how she knew this former inmate well enough to buy pills from him. How did she know he had pills and would sell them to her? Maybe by knowing his arrest record? Even then, how do you start that conversation? “Hey, how much for some pills?” I also find it interesting that the department will be conducting a forensic audit of the magistrates records. It is no doubt because as head of the magistrates office, she is privy to personal information regarding arrests and citations, and she also handled money paid to the office, and knew of and handled warrants. This could go much deeper than some Norco pills. It needs to be investigated by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, if it is not already.


Grady Wilson I totally agree someone outside the investigators of Boaz Police Department, Marshall County and surrounding counties should investigate this case totally. Unless you know this woman very personally or have been closely associated with her in some way you don't what kind of mean hateful vindictive black widow she can be. If Mayor David Dyar and the Boaz Councilman doesn't make sure this is investigated besides some other outside source other Chief Josh Gaskin who is a good man and his police department then Mayor Dyar and our current council members are NOT the men I thought they were. And I know Shannon Mitchell being the extremely good smart man he is will stay completely out of it and away from...THIS WOMAN CRISSY PANKEY GINN IS A BLACK WIDOW WAITING FOR HER NEXT MOVE. CHECK THE BOAZ CITY COURTS FUNDS..YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED WHAT YOU FIND


Babysnakes... Do you breed reptiles here locally? (I realize this is off topic lol)

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