The Marshall County Health Department inspected these food establishments and issued these grades during the month of May:

Jessy Tacos & Tortas, G’ville, 63

Walker’s Carryout, Union Grove, 72

Shree Ganesh Investment, Douglas, 72

Bruce’s, G’ville, 74

The Brick, G’ville, 75

El Camino Real, G’ville, 78

Sammy T’s Auction, Douglas, 78

Sno Biz, G’ville, 81

Snead State Cafeteria, Boaz, 82

Barnes BBQ Commissary, G’ville, 83

MinitMan 322, A’ville, 83

Lean Kitchen, G’ville, 83

Jamoka’s, G’ville, 84

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse, G’ville, 84

Capt. D’s Seafood, G’ville, 84

Catfish Cabin, A’ville, 84

Piggly Wiggly Deli, G’ville, 84

Appleebee’s, G’ville, 85

Subway, A’ville, 85

Chow King, A’ville, 85

Zaxby’s, G’ville, 85

Fire Grill 231, Arab, 86

Taqueria Guanajuato, A’ville, 86

Kona Ice Commissary, Arab, 86

Brick Wall Café, Horton, 86

Cici’s Pizza, G’ville, 87

Top of the Mtn. Café, Union Grove, 87

Boaz Sweet Nutrition, 87

Fire By The Lake, G’ville, 87

La Orquidea Meat Mkt., A’ville, 87

On The Way Express, Arab, 88

Light House Café, Horton, 88

Waterfront Grocery, Highway 79-N, 88

El King Sol Pollo, A’ville, 88

Camp Chalakee, G’ville, 88

Pizza Hut, Arab, 89

Overlook Mtn. Inn, G’ville, 89

Capt. D’s Seafood, Arab, 89

Hyatt Community Store, Horton, 89

Scant City Food Mart, Arab, 89

Club Active, A’ville, 89

La Orquidea Bakery, A’ville, 89

Piggly Wiggly Meat Mkt., G’ville, 89

Docotor BBQ Commissary, Grant, 90

McDonald’s, Boaz, 90

Buffalo Eddie’s Pour House, G’ville, 90

Jack’s G’ville, 90

Brindlee Mtn. Food Mart, Union Grove, 90

McDonald’s, A’ville, 90

TJ’s Hot Wings, A’ville, 90

HL Express, A’ville, 90

Still Water Bar & Grill, G’ville, 91

Village School of Albertville, 91

Mitzi’s Pizza Buffet, A’ville, 91

KFC, Boaz, 91

Mater’s Pizza, A’ville, 91

Char Burger, G’ville, 91

Wendy’s, A’ville, 92

Huddle House, A’ville, 92

Camp Neyati, G’ville, 92

Bubba Rito’s, Boaz, 92

Walmart Deli, Arab, 92

Lake G’ville State Park Lodge, 92

Chick-Fil-A, G’ville, 93

Wendy’s, G’ville, 93

Cracker Barrel, G’ville, 93

Bojangle’s, A’ville, 93

The Children’s Place, A’ville, 93

Amaz-N-Grace Daycare, 93

BnB Vieo Game, A’ville, 93

Capt. D’s, Boaz, 93

Boaz Child Development Center, 93

Wintzell’s Oyster House, G’ville, 94

Jessie’s Café, A’ville, 94

Marshall Medical Center South, Boaz, 94

Burger King, A’ville, 94

Walmart Deli, G’ville, 94

Gilliam Springs Child Development, Arab, 94

L&N Foodmart, A’ville, 95

Little Caesar’s, A’ville, 95

Backroads Diner, Arab, 95

Huddle House, Boaz, 95

Gary’s Meat Mkt., A’ville, 96

Telah’s Cozy Cookies, Grant, 96

Pizza Hut, Boaz, 96

Four Knights Coffee, Arab, 96

Waffle House, Boaz, 96

MR Snowball Commissary, Boaz, 96

Taco Bell, Arab, 97

Kennamer Cove Trading Post, Grant, 97

Camp Trico Kitchen, Hwy. 79-N, 97

Dairy Queen, G’ville, 97

Boomerz Commissary, Boaz, 100

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