Jamie Beck and her daughter, Madeline.

Jamie Beck and her daughter, Madeline.

Geraldine resident Jamie Beck will host a lemonade stand Saturday, Sept. 28, to raise awareness about epilepsy.

“[The] lemonade stand will help bring more awareness to our community, give back to those suffering in silence and show they aren’t in it alone,” Beck said.

Beck is dedicating the lemonade stand to her 12-year-old daughter, Madeline, who was diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy.

“I recall sitting in the room with the neurologist that day hearing those words, ‘Madeline’s brain waves are abnormal.’” Beck said. “I cried and prayed for God to take away this illness [to] allow her to live a normal life. We realized it would be a long road where our faith would be tested.”

Due to the type of epilepsy she has, Beck said her daughter faces higher risk of memory loss and unexplained death during sleep.

In 2018, Beck decided to move from Gadsden back to Geraldine — after her husband passed away — to be closer to friends and family who could help her take care of her daughter.

“What a blessing it was to come back, because the community and school have shown us an unending amount of love and encouragement during our adjustment to a new school and home,” Beck said.

People in the community began reaching out to Beck to help out, as well as share their stories.

“Once my story was told, I had many families reach out to me about the same struggles I was facing,” Beck said.

The lemonade stand will be set up Saturday from 7 a.m.–1 p.m. next to Jack’s in Geraldine. Local students will help Beck run the stand, she said. Bracelets and T-shirts will also be for sale. Proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Alabama.

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