I love taking two foods that we enjoy and making them into one new dish. This takes all the things you love about a hamburger but makes it into an easy taco dish. Way less messy than making burgers indoors, plus we add the potatoes right to the taco! Don’t be intimidated by how many steps there are for this recipe. You can still have dinner on the table in about 40 minutes. 


Hamburger Tacos

Ingredients for roasted potatoes: 

4 medium size russet potatoes-scrubbed & diced — I leave the skins on 

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Salt & Pepper to taste 



Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Mix potatoes with oil, salt and pepper. Place on baking sheet in one single layer — we want them to crisp not steam. Roast for about 35 minutes until crispy and golden. 


While your potatoes are roasting, make your hamburger meat and prepare your toppings and sauce.


Ingredients for hamburger filling: 

1-pound hamburger meat

½ teaspoons season salt

1 teaspoon garlic powder 

¼ teaspoon black pepper 



Place meat in skillet over medium heat; add season salt, garlic powder and black pepper. Cook until browned, drain if needed. 


Ingredients for the secret sauce: 

½ cup mayo 

¼ cup ketchup

Salt & Pepper to taste



Mix together and chill until ready to eat. 


Taco Topping Ideas: 

Cheddar cheese

Diced dill pickles

Diced onion 


To assemble the tacos: 

1. Warm your tortillas in a hot iron skillet with no oil or butter ... trust me on this it makes your tortillas extra yummy. I enjoy the Tortilla Land, Fresh Uncooked Flour Tortillas that you can find where you find the pop biscuits in most grocery stores. 

2. Add cheese, meat, potatoes, pickles, onion and sauce. Wrap up your taco and enjoy! 


Rachel Marion is a lifelong resident of Marshall County and works for Thornton Properties, LLC, in Guntersville as the office manager. She is married to Tom Marion and lives in Arab with their two dogs, Hector and Lola. She has an expansive cookbook collection, follows dozens of food blogs and when she isn’t cooking, she is thinking about cooking. She was raised in a home surround by yummy food made by the loving hands of her grandmother and mother. Nothing says love too her more than filling the bellies of her loved ones and making great memories while doing it.

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