I am proud to announce my intentions to seek re-election as Marshall County Coroner.  It has been a privilege to serve the people of Marshall County and I ask for your continued support.  Since taking office in 2019 I have worked tirelessly to advance the Coroner’s Office in technology, training, and equipment. I wanted to ensure this office has the tools, resources, and training needed to serve the people of Marshall County with the upmost respect and confidence.

My first term in office has been faced with many challenges due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and normal growth including an over 25% increase in call volume from 2019 to 2020.  Additionally, we have seen an additional increase in calls in 2021. The number of violent deaths has increased which requires more investigative time, training, and resources.  We have worked closely with the law enforcement agencies to build strong and professional relationships.   

I have secured funding for two vehicles, computer technology for every Deputy Coroner, basic investigative equipment, mileage compensation for the use of Deputy Coroners’ personal vehicles, grant for radios to meet the requirements of the P25 system upgrade, expansion of the county morgue to meet pandemic and growing office needs, establish training standards for Deputy Coroners, and most recently approval and funding to compensate Deputy Coroners for their time and service to the county. 

If elected to a second term, I will work on national certification for every office official through the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigation.  This certification is given to those Medicolegal Death Investigators (Deputy Coroners) who complete on the job training and pass a national certification exam.  It will be my mission to ensure your Coroner’s Office is nationally certified to re-enforce our dedication to this county.  I hope to also work with the Marshall County Commission to locate or build a facility for this office that can be used for our day-to-day operations.  Working to give the Coroner’s Office a permanent home will alleviate our dependence on the funeral homes in the county.  Lastly, I hope to grow our fleet of vehicles so that Deputy Coroners will not have to use their own vehicles, risking personal liability, while serving the people of Marshall County. 

I humble ask for your support in the 2022 election, to serve as your Coroner for another term and continue pushing for advancements in this office.

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MR Russell

Thank you for your service. What you do is not an easy job and the pandemic made it more challenging I am sure. In spite of the challenges, it appears you have been able to bring a lot of progress to the Coroner’s Office. I hope that progress will continue as you work toward your goals in the next term.

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