Douglas High School is starting off this school year right by helping out a section of the student body that often is not recognized. Douglas is now taking into account the students who make it to school right when the first bell rings, as well as those who are not always hungry when they first get to school in the morning. To help out these students, Douglas High School is now offering a second chance when it comes to breakfast. During the morning break, students will be able to get a large snack, or what some may consider a small meal, to help tide over their hunger until lunch comes around. This initiative is limited to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, as the school will be offering a special break on Thursdays this year from Chick-fil-a. Although Second Chance Breakfast is new to our school, the initiative has already been adopted by schools across the nation, and since then it has proven to be widely beneficial. Second Chance Breakfast has helped solve hunger issues in high school student bodies, and that may not have been taken into account across our nation.

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