Despite the total of COVID-19 cases continuing to rise in Marshall County, hospitalizations remain low.

Renee Jordan, director of emergency services at Marshall Medical Centers, said the local hospital system had five COVID-19 patients currently being treated at Marshall Medical Center South, as of Friday, May 15 — zero at North. And since the first cases of the novel coronavirus were found in the county, Jordan said hospitalizations have remained consistently low.

When asked for demographic information of the patients, including age, gender and race, or if any of the patients had underlying illnesses, Jordan said the only information that could be provided was the number of patients being treated.

When asked what the 

highest number of patients the hospital had treated at one time, Jordan also said that information was unavailable.

Jordan said Marshall Medical Centers had not faced any shortages of supplies including masks, gloves and ventilators since the pandemic began. This was due to low hospitalization numbers but also careful conservation. 

“We have been very fortunate to not have had shortages that have presented issues or obstacles in treating our patients,” she said. “Planning and conservation measures have been well executed.”

Jordan said the COVID-19 pandemic has been like nothing she’s ever seen as a medical professional.

“I have been at Marshall Medical Center South as the Director of Emergency Services for 13 years this month,” Jordan said. “I have not experienced anything like this in my entire career.  It has changed so much of our daily workflow and care of patients. It is pretty stressful to say the least. Making sure that we keep our patients safe, as well as keeping ourselves safe, is something that is on my mind daily.

“I have been so impressed with how we have all come together and worked as a team, every department, every day,” she continued. “It is an honor to work alongside so many people who care so much about caring for patients.  Our community has been supportive, as well, pouring out kindness through meals, masks, face shields and prayers.  I am humbled by the thoughtfulness of others.

“I would like to assure the people of this community that Marshall Medical Centers is here to serve this community, and we have staff on every front that are dedicated to the task.” 

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Concerning the number of coronavirus cases at Marshall Medical Centers, North and South, think about this. This is just an idea -- a question.

What if the virus itself, or the spread of it, was affected somehow by atmospheric pressure? Marshall County is mostly in the mountains, above sea level. Where are New York City and Louisiana? Down by the ocean, aren't they? Higher pressure there, lower pressure here, right?

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