Marshall County Sheriff's Office and Jail

Despite having about 20 employees test positive for COVID-19, it’s been business as usual at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Phil Sims said in a statement Thursday that 20 employees have tested positive over the past few weeks. Seven were from the uniform patrol division; three from investigations; eight from administration department; and two from the corrections staff.

“Out of these, six were confirmed within the past five days,” Sims said. “Eleven employees have returned to work after adhering to CDC guidelines.”

Sims said his employees continue to do what they can to limit exposure to and transmission of the virus.

“We continue to wear masks, social distance and wash our hands,” Sims said. “We are constantly cleaning and sanitizing our building a jail.

“No inmates at this time have any symptoms. Our medical staff – Southern Health Partners – has done an outstanding job monitoring the inmate population, employees, and any visitors allowed to enter the building.”

State-mandated and CDC recommended restrictions have also forced the Sheriff’s Office to make hard decisions relating to some annual events.

“We had to cancel our Annual Awards Banquet and our Operation Brown Elf program, and we will alter our FOP Shop With A Cop program,” Sims said.

“These are unprecedented times. Law Enforcement is having to adapt to how we do our job, answer calls, deal with complaints, booking of inmates, so forth.

“Even though we are having to deal with these things, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office is fully operational and will continue to serve the people of Marshall County.”

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