The Sardis football team regained one of its assistant coaches but is losing another.

Zach Wallace, who serves as the Lions’ offensive coordinator, returned in spring practice after taking off last season to help his wife, Bridgette, recover from injuries she suffered in a fall.

The Etowah County Board of Education accepted the resignation of SHS assistant coach Ben Dake during its Tuesday meeting. Dake also coached the Lions track team.

“Zach is back calling the offense and running what we used to run,” Sardis head coach Gene Hill said.

“We run the counter a bunch. We’ve got two or three pretty good H-backs this year that can catch. I think we’ve got a chance on offense to be pretty effective.

“When Zach was coordinator, one thing that really helped our defense was we could really run the ball. Our defense stayed off the field a bunch. They didn’t get many snaps. That’s super if we can run the ball like that.”

Luke Morris, Temon Wilson, Justin Fuller and Logan Edwards propelled the Lions’ ground attack during their spring jamboree against Guntersville on May 18 at Sardis Stadium.

The experience of Sardis’ offensive line will be another factor contributing to the success of the rushing attack in the 2019 season, as Trey Dalrymple, Josh Scales, Dylan Metcalf and Mason Smith are returning starters.

“Brody Lowe played left tackle [in the jamboree] and he spot played some last year, so we’ve got five guys up front who have some experience,” Hill said.

Wyatt Samples and Peyton Wehrwein are two newcomers who made an impression on Hill with their performances during spring training.

“Wyatt is 6-3, 6-4,” Hill said. “I don’t know what he weighs, probably 300-plus, but he moves well and we’ve just been trying to give him as many reps as we can give him. He’s got a chance to help us.

“Peyton Wehrwein came out and played in the secondary. I think he’ll be one that will help us in the secondary. And once he gets comfortable at it, I think he’s going to help us at the receiver position.

“The kid can run, and he’s athletic and can catch the football.”

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